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With you can not only organize a shipment easily, but you can also ship packages at economic prices. We organize low cost shipments to United Kingdom. You can find the price for a shipment to United Kingdom in the following table. You can organize a low cost package shipment entering

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

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Shipping to United Kingdom with europacco

Why choose europacco for shipping to United Kingdom? offers a customized service, if you want to send a Parcel to United Kingdom. We offer an economical solution for every kind of consignment. Our service includes home or business address collection by an express courier and delivery in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Send your parcels to United Kingdom: a safe, cheap and fast service brings your Parcel safely and quickly to its destination to United Kingdom. Shipping is easy: fill out the online form, print the label and attach it to your shipment - it is now ready for collection. All this is possible without registration and thus makes fast and simple the package delivery.

Shipping to Scotland

Scotland, located in the northern part of the United Kingdom, is divided into 3 Regions: Lowlands, Highlands and Southern Uplands and has more than 5 million inhabitants with the largest turnout in the main cities Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is also home to the largest number of Italians moving to Scotland for work or study. For these reasons, the number of trade exchanges between Italy and Scotland is not indifferent. Every day in fact there are multiple shipments from the Italian peninsula to Scotland by individuals or businesses. And those who need to ship to Scotland can always rely on europacco. By choosing europacco for shipments destined to Scotland you can take advantage of very advantageous prices. To book a shipment with europacco you will simply need to access the main page of the europacco website, fill out the online form and arrange payment. Once the amount is paid, the order will be confirmed, and the customer will be sent an e-mail containing the transport document to be attached to the shipment.

Shipping to Northern Ireland

Like the states belonging to the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland also had to deal with Brexit, the official exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Despite this, considering that the Republic of Ireland is still part of the EU, goods in transit from other countries belonging to the EU, including Italy, are not subject to payment of customs duties and charges. The lack of special restrictions and customs documents therefore makes it easier to send parcels from Italy to Northern Ireland. In fact, the goods transit from the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland without the payment of customs fees. In this sense europacco comes to you further with a competitive price list and arranging your shipment to Northern Ireland will be very easy. The europacco shipping service to Northern Ireland will also stand out for its speed of delivery, thanks to the internationally renowned couriers with whom europacco itself has been cooperating for years.

Prices for shipping parcels to United Kingdom

Parcel Price
0 - 2 kg from 56,43
2 - 5 kg from 79,03
5 - 10 kg from 105,51
10 - 20 kg from 124,31
20 - 30 kg from 139,47
30 - 40 kg from 156,09
40 - 50 kg from 173,91

Prices for shipping documents to United Kingdom

Document Price
0 - 0.5 kg from 28,55
0.5 - 1 kg from 30,67
1 - 1.5 kg from 34,66
1.5 - 2 kg from 38,81

Shipping Time to United Kingdom

How can I track my Parcel?

With our tracking option you can monitor your Parcel from the collection in Italy to the delivery to United Kingdom. Enter the shipping number on our tracking page.

How much does it cost to send a Parcel to United Kingdom?

Years of experience in the shipping sector and a high daily volume of consignments allow us to offer highly affordable prices. With you can send a Parcel starting from only €56,43 to United Kingdom. For more detailed information please consult our price list.

How long does it take to send a Parcel to United Kingdom?

The transit times from Italy to United Kingdom vary from 5 to 7 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

Shipping Delays due to Holidays in United Kingdom

As in many countries, holidays in United Kingdom can lead to delays in parcel shipping. Below is a list of the holidays in 2024 in United Kingdom that might affect delivery times.

  • 01.01.2024 New Year's Day
  • 29.03.2024 Good Friday
  • 01.04.2024 Easter Monday
  • 06.05.2024 Early May Bank Holiday
  • 27.05.2024 Spring Bank Holiday
  • 26.08.2024 Summer Bank Holiday
  • 25.12.2024 Christmas Day
  • 26.12.2024 Boxing Day

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Within the EU no customs documents are required. Letters, packages and pallets are not checked at the borders. In order to prevent illegal consignments, packages are scanned and randomly inspected.

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Send parcel to United Kingdom
Send parcel to United Kingdom
Send parcel to United Kingdom
Send parcel to United Kingdom
Send parcel to United Kingdom

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