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With europacco.com, you can easily send large items, such as washing machines, tires or furniture. Just select "pallet" as shipping method. The maximum dimensions granted for a pallet are of 80 x 120 cm, with a maximum height of 180 cm. The maximum weight conceded is of 700 kg.

Send pallets with the express courier

Shipping a pallet is easy with europacco.com. However, beware: furniture, appliances and fragile items are not collected by the carrier if they do not have a proper packaging. You have to place the objects on a pallet and fix them with a cable or something similar, so they cannot slip. Furthermore, it is important to wrap the goods with cardboard or nylon, so that the products cannot be damaged during the transport.

Sending  pallet
Maximum weight: 700 kg
Maximum dimensions: 80*120*180 cm
Sending  pallet Sending  pallet

Send large objects abroad

Sport equipment, bicycles, motors, refrigerators and sofas can be sent easily from online europacco.com. Just enter in the form on our website the pickup address and the delivery address, pay by credit card or PayPal and pack the items properly. The next day, or in a desired date, the pallet will be withdrawn from your home or from an address, you have requested and delivered shortly to the recipient.

Disposable and reusable pallets

Generally, it distinguishes between single-use pallets and reusable pallets. No matter the variety of pallet used, the important feature is that the length and the width of them do not exceed the 120 cm x 80 cm. The disposable pallets are cheap and usually remain to the recipient. The reusable pallets are more stable and can be used repeatedly. These pallets have a standardized measure, for example euro-pallets or pallet world. For private shippers, we recommend the using of an inexpensive pallet.

With www.europacco.com you can ship furniture, bicycles, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, tires, motorcycle parts, auto parts, wheels, sports equipment, exercise bikes, skis, snowboards and many other things. For more information, contact us at info@europacco.com.

Sending  pallet
Sending  pallet
Sending  pallet

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