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Exceeding allowable weight and dimensions

Both weight and size of each package will be considered and evaluated individually. The prices for shipments can shoot at ranges of 5.00 kg, 10.00 kg, 20.00 kg, 30.00 kg, 40.00 kg, respectively 50.00 kg. If the weight of a package exceeds even only for 100 grams the weight of a mass group indicated above, the increase of money is recognized corresponding to the next price range. The weight of the packages is not total. If the dispatch is composed of more than one package, of which, a package has a weight lower than the maximum limit granted by the corresponding weight band (for example 28.00 kg to 30.00 kg of the band) and the other exceeds the maximum limit granted for the weight band (for example 5,10 kg for the band of 5.00 kg), at the latter it will be requested the increase of money corresponding to the next weight range (above the 5, 00 kg). The weight of the packages can only be total when the shipment is organized as a "pallet" type.

For weight and maximum size allowed exceedances, (over 50.00 kg and above 190.00 cm) for some countries, it may incur an increase in euro, which sometimes can be higher then the initial value already paid by the customer for the purchase of the expedition itself.

Shipments consisting of more than one package, if for one of the packages it is requested an increase (because of the excessing weight and / or size), will remain in the warehouse stock of Europacco in Bolzano until the payment of the required sum.

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