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Postal Codes of Austria

Austria has a system of postal codes since 1941. Postal codes have already been used at the beginning of the German Reich: 12a code was used for the Reichsgau Eastern Alps and the Danube (Vienna, Lower Danube, Styria) and 12b for the Alps and Reichsgau Danube West (Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg).

The four digit system

On 1 January 1966 the General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Administration in Vienna introduced for the first time a four-digit ZIP code in Austria, ZIP code that is used also today. First digit postal code in each case represents the area (also called routing area). The number "one" is Vienna, "two" is specific to the east and south of Lower Austria and northern Burgenland, "three" to the west of Lower Austria and southeastern Upper Austrian, "four" is attributed to Upper Austria and western area of Lower Austria, "five" represents Salzburg, and "six" represents a part of Western, the Upper Austria which includes a part of Tyrol and Vorarlberg North, "seven" represents Burgenland and Styria and "eight" defines southern Burgenland while "nine" defines Carinthia and East Tyrol.
Of course, there are also exceptions, particularly at the borders of the federal states.
The second number indicates the ZIP code area or region. The third digit defines the tracking of the letters on the way in vehicles, trains. The fourth digit represents the Post Office Concrete. This way, in Austria, each post office has its own ZIP code.
In addition, there are about 400 specific ZIP codes that define distribution centers, mailboxes or large customers. For example, the postal code 1000 represents Vienna's distribution center or 4005 ZIP code represents overseas Linz center. The wholesale trade has assigned its own ZIP code, for example, 1136 for ORF Vienna or 80120 Graz for Neckermann shipping. The 1008 ZIP code is associated to the Austrian Crusher Post. Letters with this digit key will be destroyed.

Austrian postal code correct pronunciation

Delivery of the Austrian postal code must be as follows, first the first two digits and then the last two. For example, 1011 for the city of Vienna is pronounced as "ten, eleven Vienna".

Important postal codes in Austria

The following is a list of the main postal codes in Austria. The ZIP codes in Vienna are contained between 1010 and 1423 or may be 1600, 1601, 1810 and 1901. Salzburg zip code can be 5020, 5023, 5026, 5061, 5071, 5081 or 5082. The Innsbruck postal codes may be contained between 6010 and 6040 or 6080. If a number you are looking for is not listed, please use our search engine.

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