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„Correois“ – that is how the Brazilian post is called in the national language. Its origins root in the year 1663, precisely on January 25th. The date itself cannot be proven with historic accuracy. However, it has primarily a symbolic character.
The unbroken modernization of the national post system played an important role in the development of the whole country. Due to its capillary network and state of the art technologies, the post did not only serve the rising communicational requirements of Brazilian enterprises, but also worked as a financial service provider for the million inhabitants, in competition to the less linked banking system.
According to internal statistics, in February 2014 more than 125.000 employees worked for the public post system.

Structure of the Brazilian ZIP Code

In Brazil the ZIP code is called Código de Endereçamento Postal, in brief CEP. In 1971 the five-digit postal code has been introduced. In the beginning 90s, it has been expanded to eight characters. Whereas the first five ciphers indicate regions and sectors, in general the last three stand for streets. In rural areas with smaller localities, the last three ciphers are not specified and only shown as “000”. If the last three ciphers are higher than 899, with a high probability an exact address is indicated.
Brazil is divided into ten regions, starting with São Paolo. The remaining numbers have been assigned in anti-clockwise sense.

On the website of the Brazilian post you can search for specific ZIP codes. Just click


In our brief example we analyze the postal code of the football stadium of Guarani F.C.

Brinco De Ouro Da Princessa
Av. Imperatriz Dona Tereza Cristina, 87
Jardim Guarani, Campinas
SP, 13100-200, Brasile

1 – the first character indicates the region, in our case São Paulo
3 – the second character indicates the sub-region, Campinas
1 – the third character indicates the sector, Campinas and surroundings
0 – the fourth character indicates the sub-sector
0 – the fifth character indicates the sub-sector divider
200 – the last three characters indicate the delivery area, respectively the exact address

Regions,  Federal States and starting character(s) of the Brazilian ZIP code

 Region Ort Abkürzung Beginnziffer(n) 
north Acre  AC 699
northeast Alagoas AL 57
north Amapa AP 689
north Amazonas  AM  690-692, 694-698 
northeast Bahia BA 40-48
northeast Ceara CE 60-63
middle east Distrito Federal DF 700-727, 730-736
southeast Espirito Santo ES 29
middle east Goias GO 728-729, 737-769
northeast Maranhao MA 65
middle east Mato Grosso MT 780-788
middle east Mato Grosso Do Sul MS 79
southeast Minas Gerais MG 3
north Para PA 66-688
northeast Paraiba PB 58
south Parana PR 80-87
northeast Pernambuco PE 50-56
northeast Piaui PI 64
southeast Rio De Janeiro RJ 20-28
northeast Rio Grande Do Norte RN 59
south Rio Grande Do Sul RS 9
north Rondonia RO 789
north Roraima RR 693
south Santa Catarina SC 88-89
southeast São Paolo SP 0 und 1
northeast Sergipe SE 49
north Tocantins TO 77