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White Russia, Bielorussia or Belarus

In English, the term "Belarus" is usually used to designate the untouched state of the sea in Eastern Europe. The state borders not only Russia, Poland and Ukraine, but also Latvia and Lithuania. In the poorly populated country we count only 46 inhabitants per square kilometer. The largest city is by far the capital of Minsk. Since 1991, Belarus is independent, ideologically speaking it is, however, closely interwoven with its bigger brother Russia. As the official language, Russian and Belarusian languages are accepted. The latter also uses the Cyrillic writing as the Russian and has recently gained considerable importance again. Until 1995 was even the only accepted official language. Trassjanka, a mixed spoken language between Russian and Belarusian, is also widespread. Warning! What can happen next to this variety of languages very similar to each other: they meet, even on the web, the most different ways of writing. By doing so the second largest city for example transliterated from Belarus is written "Homel", from the Russian instead "Gomel". This also happens with reference to different regions or administrative districts.

Six districts, six digits

The state is subdivided into six administrative districts (so-called Woblasz), which in turn are segmented into 118 rural districts (so-called Rajons). The Minsk capital does not belong to any of the six administrative districts, but is treated separately. As a result Belarus's six units (+ Minsk) are the following: Minsk, Breszkaja Woblasz, Homelskaja Woblasz, Hrodsenskaja Woblasz, Mahiljouskaja Woblasz, Minskaya Woblasz and Wizebskaja Woblasz. These six administrative districts also play a significant role for the postal system. Among other things, there are also six figures with which the Belarusian ZIP code is composed. Also for this numerical sequence, Belarus orients itself to Russia, which in turn uses six digits for their code. While the first three digits refer to the mentioned administrative districts (Woblasz), the second part refers to post offices respectively to the associated areas. District Breszkaja Woblasz for example uses the ZIP from 224xxx to 225xxx, where Brest's largest city uses the 224xxx for the city itself and adjacent areas. Homel (or Russian "Gomel"), the second largest city in Belarus, located in Homelskaja Woblasz, has been assigned the ZIP code 246xxx. The rest of the administrative district uses the 247xxx.

Special location

Minsk, with nearly two million inhabitants the capital, occupies a special position within the system and is in turn divided into 141 districts. Generally speaking, a similar subdivision exists for other major cities as well. These districts are mentioned in addition within the address, even though the district number is also included in the CAP. Minsk capital uses 220xxx as CAP. Then the district number is added to the first three digits of the code. For a concrete example we use the State University of Belarus, which has its seat in the 30th District. This uses the ZIP code 220030 (next to the ZIP code can be added the Minsk-30 name).


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