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Postcode system in Spain

Traditionally, Spain has been among the first countries to benefit from a regulated postal service. The first mail carriers worked for the Catholic monarchies of Philip I of Castile. Since shortly, Gracia de Ceballos was appointed the first master chief of public offices and postal stations of Granada. In 1518 Emperor Karl I certifies the existence of documents held by couriers who are paid for trips they made. The Postal Service was founded in 1706 Spanish reign in the government of King Philip V. Fifty years later, it was officially presented the postman profession. Since 2003, the Spanish postal service was also represented online. In 2014 the first HomePaq stations were opened, so-called packing and parcel boxing centers. This system was developed with the objective of guaranteeing a service for collecting and sending parcels and letters 24 hours a day. The defining Color of the Spanish mail is yellow.

Spain Postcode

Spanish postal codes are formed of 5 digits. The first two digits define the province. They range from 01 to 50 for Zaragoza Álava. The numbers 51 and 52 are used for the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla and were added later. Inside provinces, the postal codes are assigned according to a hierarchical system. Places with same final numbers are in the same area. Provincial capitals always have a zero as the third digit code while in big cities ends with two zeros.

Main postcodes in Spain

Bellow there is a list of postal codes of the main cities in Spain:

  • 03000 Alicante
  • 03500 Benidorm
  • 07000 Palma
  • 08000 Barcelona
  • 11000 Càdiz
  • 13000 Ciudad Real
  • 15000 A Coruna
  • 15700 Santiago de Compostela
  • 17000 Girona
  • 18000 Granada
  • 24000 León
  • 26000 Logroño
  • 28000 Madrid
  • 29000 Màlaga
  • 29600 Marbella
  • 30000 Murcia
  • 31000 Pamplona / Iruña
  • 35000 Las Palmas / Gran Canaria
  • 35500 Arrecife
  • 38000 Santa Cruz / Tenerife
  • 39000 Santander
  • 41000 Sevilla
  • 45000 Toledo
  • 46000 Valencia
  • 48000 Bilbao
  • 50000 Zaragoza
  • 51000 Ceuta
  • 52000 Melilla

If the postal code you're looking for is not on this list, please use the postcode search. This database contains all known ZIP codes in Spain.

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