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Sri Lanka - Postal Codes

Until 1972 Sri Lanka was called Ceylon. Sri Lanka is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 200 kilometers west of the southern tip of India. Thanks to its strategic position Sri Lanka is a crucial point between West and East. At the present day, Sri Lanka is well-known, alongside the Buddhist tradition, especially for tea and cultural heritage. In addition, the isolation state is a known tourist destination. During the colonial period, Sri Lanka has been taken over by colonial powers from both Portugal and the Netherlands. At the end of the 17th century British rule began. Only during the First World War came the first national movements. In 1948 Ceylon became independent within the British Commonwealth, in 1972 finally republic with the present name "Sri Lanka". Sri Lanka uses the Singalese writing, which belongs to the Indian scriptures and is a mixed form of alphabet and syllable writing.

The isle state

In administrative terms, Sri Lanka is subdivided into nine provinces and 25 districts, where each province is administered by its board of directors. The central province (CP), the north-central province (NCP), the northern province (NP), the eastern province (EP), the northwestern province (NWP), the southern province (SP), Uva (UP) , Sabaragamuwa (SGP) and the Western Province (WP) with the capital Colombo, where 2,5 million people live making it this way the largest city in the country.

The postal system of Sri Lanka

The "Sri Lanka Post" is in charge of the postal service and is administered by the state, submitted to the Ministry of Telecommunication and Post. Sri Lanka Post has more than 17,000 employees, which are divided into nearly 5,000 post offices. Although the post has introduced official ZIP codes in 1997, not all of them are accustomed to be used. New postal codes are composed of a five digit numeric code. While the first two digits generally indicate the district, the last digits refer to further subdivisions as post offices. Exceptions are Columbus, which is divided into 15 urban areas. These divisions have been integrated into today's ZIP code (001xx to 015xx).

If you want to arrange an expedition to the National Museum of the Colombo capital, you must use the following postal code:

National Museum
Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha

Attention: Instead of the ZIP code, so many addresses of Colombo's capital use the simple code of the urban area, ranging from 01 to 15. In doing so, the National Museum may also use the word "Colombo 07" or "Col 7" without any ZIP code.


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