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Postal Codes of Portugal

In Portugal, the post office was founded in 1520 by King Manuel I and was called "Correio de Servico Público" in English: Public Courier Service. Mail belonged for centuries to the Portuguese Royal House. In 1821 we identified the first home offered deliveries and beginning with 1880 began to be sent also telegrams. In 1969, the Portuguese post office has been transformed into a public company with a new name: CTT - Correios de Portugal and Telecomunicacoes. In 1992 the company was transformed into joint stock company by Cavaco Silva, the Prime Minister.
Currently, there are 903 post offices and various subsidiaries. They include the following services: CTT Correios (postal national and international service), CTT Expresso (Express national and international service), Mailtec (Information Services), PostContacto (service letters and no postal address), Campos Envelopagem (marketing for large companies ) PayShop (Internet payment service), telephone-IX (mobile operators), Postal (financial services) and Tourline Express (courier services in Spain).

Portugal postcode

Portuguese postal codes consist of eight characters: four numbers followed by a hyphen and three extra digits. Portuguese zip code is called: Codigo Postal. By 2014, the CAP was four digits only. This year, three figures were introduced to delimit blocks of neighborhood roads and small towns, which all share a distribution center.

The system in Portugal

The first digit of the postal code indicates the region: "1" is for the region of Lisbon, "9" for the Azores and Madeira. The sequence number starts from the coast and heading north-east and then south on. Postcode 2000 is the area of Santarem, Coimbra 3000, 4000 area of Porto, 5000 Villareal, 6000 for the area of Castel Branco, 7000 and 8000 Évora Faro. In general, the first four numbers are the numbers of the distribution center.

Portuguese significant Postal Codes

Most common Portuguese postcodes are those of Lisbon which is between 1000-1990. Port ZIP code starts with 4000 and that of Faro with 8000.

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