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The Postal Code System in Sweden

Swedish postal codes, called Postnummer in Swedish, were introduced on March 19, 1968.

The postal code in Sweden consists of five digits. The first three digits are grouped together, and the last two digits form a separate group, for example, 100 73 Stockholm.

The first two digits define the region where the letter or parcel is to be sent. The remaining digits specify the exact destination or the type of delivery.

Each Swedish post office has its own postal code. This is important for the postal system for both outgoing and incoming mail. The higher the first digit, the further north the destination is. The number one is reserved for Stockholm.

Postal Regions in Sweden

Below is a list of the different postal regions in Sweden. Postal code and city/region:

  • 10x xx - 11x xx Stockholm
  • 12x xx - 15x xx Southern Greater Stockholm
  • 16x xx - 19x xx Northern Greater Stockholm
  • 20x xx - 21x xx Malmö
  • 22x xx Lund
  • 23x xx - 24x xx Southern and Central Skåne
  • 25x xx Helsingborg
  • 26x xx Northwestern Skåne
  • 27x xx Southeastern Skåne
  • 28x xx Northern Skåne
  • 29x xx Northeastern Skåne
  • 30x xx Halmstad
  • 31x xx Halland
  • 33x xx - 34x xx Southwestern Småland
  • 35x xx Växjö
  • 36x xx Central Småland
  • 37x xx Blekinge
  • 38x xx - 39x xx Eastern Småland and Öland
  • 40x xx - 41x xx Central Gothenburg
  • 42x xx - 43x xx Greater Gothenburg
  • 44x xx - 47x xx Bohuslän and Dalsland
  • 50x xx Borås
  • 51x xx - 54x xx Västergötland
  • 55x xx Jönköping
  • 56x xx - 57x xx Northern Småland
  • 58x xx Linköping
  • 59x xx Southern Östergötland and Northeastern Småland
  • 60x xx Norrköping
  • 61x xx Northern Östergötland
  • 62x xx Gotland
  • 63x xx Eskilstuna
  • 64x xx Southern Södermanland
  • 65x xx Karlstad
  • 66x xx - 68x xx Dalsland and Värmland
  • 69x xx Närke
  • 70x xx Örebro
  • 71x xx Närke
  • 72x xx Västerås
  • 73x xx Northern Närke and Västmanland
  • 74x xx Uppland
  • 75x xx Uppsala
  • 76x xx Uppland
  • 77x xx - 79x xx Dalarna
  • 80x xx Gävle
  • 81x xx Gästrikland and Uppland
  • 82x xx Hälsingland
  • 83x xx Jämtland
  • 84x xx Härjedalen and Western Medelpad
  • 85x xx Sundsvall
  • 86x xx Eastern Medelpad
  • 87x xx - 89x xx Ångermanland
  • 90x xx Umeå
  • 91x xx - 93x xx Västerbotten County
  • 94x xx - 96x xx Norrbotten County
  • 97x xx Luleå
  • 98x xx Northern Norrbotten

The Swedish Post takes great care in designing stamps, and numerous new designs are released each year. Popular themes include flowers and special events. In addition to regular stamps, there are also so-called first-day covers. These consist of an envelope with a printed design and the corresponding stamp. Both the letter and the stamp represent a specific theme. There is usually a matching postmark for these as well.


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