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The first Turkish post office was established in 1840, at that time still in the Ottoman Empire, to grant the sultans for developing their foreign correspondence. This office was located in the courtyard of the new mosque in Istanbul. A few years later, they added a telegraph office separately. In 1871, both offices were merged into the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. The situation has evolved: in a short time as high request of transport of parcels and money, shortly after the turn of the century, the first manual telephone center was founded in Istanbul. The services offered have further increased over time. In 1995, the PTT - the official name of the undertaking - has been privatized and divided into several smaller companies, like also Türk Telekom. Until today the post office in Turkey is called "Post ve Telgraf Teşkilatı Genel Müdürlüğü". Its headquarters is located in Ankara, and the posts are still today the largest logistics and postal services in the country.

The good example of the French

In Turkey ZIP codes are five-digit numbers formed as in Germany or in fact in France. During the implementation of the ZIP code system it has been followed the French example, who at that time already included the five digits. The CAP in Turkish is called "post kodu". The first two digits in the numerical series correspond to the province and are also found on the license plates. In addition, these two numbers coincide with the numbers of the international code ISO 3166-2: TR. The last three digits represent the locations. For cities can also describe a certain neighborhood.

Europe or Asia?

Even if the 3% of Turkish area is located on the European mainland (Eastern Thrace) and the most important city, Istanbul, is separated by a border, the ZIP codes apply to the whole country. Edirne, the city located more towards the West, which is in the border of the three countries Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, for example, uses the zip code 22000. The most populated city, Istanbul, in this sense has two different area codes for each continent. The ZIP code, however, is only one: 34000. Attention: with 39 district, the last three digits are all referring to different districts. Below you could find important ZIP Codes for his correspondence in Turkey:
Smirne: 35000
Ankara: 06000
Antalya: 07000

Therefore a Turkish address is structured as follows:

  1. Recipient
  2. District
  3. Road, building, street number
  4. code, city, province

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