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General Information

How to handle a shipment from Bulgaria to Italy

Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007. And despite joining, the latter decided to keep its national currency, the Bulgarian Lev, in force, not conforming to other European countries. Monetary exchange from euros into the national currency, advantageous for tourists who have come to Bulgaria from other parts of Europe, and a particularly low cost of living, have made it an attractive destination for many Italians as well. It is in fact a culturally rich state capable of offering good job opportunities. Its economy has also developed thanks to its strategic location (it is near Greece and Turkey, also overlooking the Black Sea). Since ancient times it has also represented a real bridge connecting three Continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Facilitating the transportation of people and goods are the more than 100,000 kilometers of roads, to which must be added 6,500 kilometers of railway network. There is no shortage of airports, with main stops in Sofia and Plovdiv, and seaports, such as those in Varna and Burgas. Italians residing in Bulgaria, mostly young people, may have the need to send a parcel to their homeland. In this sense, europacco allows you to book a shipment in a few moments at affordable prices.

Bulgaria: a destination to consider

There are several young people and others who have chosen to live in Bulgaria. In most cases, the landing in the Southeastern European country is related to business reasons. Many of them, in the vacation season, feel the call of Italy, facing the journey home with at at bulky suitcases. If you want to transfer a not inconsiderable number of goods, clothing or other rather bulky items, you will be able to avoid traveling overloaded simply by sending a package or the suitcase itself via courier. Doing so will avoid extra costs at the airport and limitations related to the number of suitcases. Europacco shipping services are also useful for people who wish to ship items of a certain value from Bulgaria to Italy and for companies and e-shops that send goods daily. In this case you can opt for additional insurance, intended to cover possible damages. To do so, it will be necessary to indicate in the "Insurance value" field the purchase value of the goods. The cost associated with the service will be calculated automatically and reported on the online form.

Bulgarian cities with the largest number of Italians

Those leaving Italy with the intention of staying in Bulgarian territory for a period longer than 3 months will have to obtain a residence certificate intended for EU citizens, which must be obtained from the local police authorities. But what are the favorite destinations for Italians heading to Bulgaria? In addition to the capital Sofia, Varna, known as "The Pearl of the Black Sea," a tourist destination that also hosts a good number of Italian retirees, is worth mentioning. We have already anticipated how the cost of living, for those coming from another European state is decidedly low. Except for Sofia, which has higher costs, in the other cities, most Italians have no problems in meeting their commitments, from renting accommodation to transportation costs.

The Bulgarian economy: imports and exports

In line with customs regulations and international European standards, Bulgaria has long benefited from a positive business climate. As far as food imports are concerned, these mostly come from neighboring states and other EU countries. There are, in any case, not a few free trade agreements with other states, from China to Turkey to Israel. In recent years, Romania, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Italy and France have been Bulgaria's main trading partners.


Fast and safe shipping to Italy

Among the most popular gifts and souvenirs for tourists include jewelry, porcelain, carpets, objects made of wood and a true rarity such as rose oil. There are several stores in Sofia offering souvenirs, and here, too, oil products play a starring role. Those who need to send a parcel from Sofia, Burgas, Dobrich, Plovdiv, Haskovo or Vtatsa will be able to proceed without being faced with nerve-wracking and convoluted bureaucratic formalities, thanks to europacco. At the same time, a company or private individual will not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to import goods or personal items from Bulgaria to Italy. Moreover, the shipment proves to be safe and fast thanks to the international fame couriers chosen by europacco.

Italian imports from Bulgaria and online shipments

Italian companies usually import garments, textiles in general, and products from the chemical sector from Bulgaria. Bulgarian industry is also known for mining, concentrated on coal, iron and, to a much lesser extent, natural gas and oil. It is in the Sofia area that the iron and steel industry has developed strongly due to the presence of iron mines. Those of petrochemicals, on the other hand, are especially active in Burgas, a town located on the Black Sea. Booking shipping at is simple. Once on the site, a user will only have to fill out the online form, then proceed to payment by credit card, Postepay or PayPal or even bank transfer. Following confirmation of the order, an e-mail containing the waybill will be sent, to be printed and attached to the package. It will then be europacco itself to contact one of its couriers, providing instructions for the collection of the goods on the day indicated by the applicant. Delivery will take place in the Italian city indicated within a few days. To follow the progress of the shipment it will be possible to use the online tracking service, always available on europacco's website and included in the price of transport.


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