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General Information

Shipping from Croatia to Italy

With an area covering about 56,000 km² and a population of only 4 million, Croatia is an important destination for Italians. Its proximity to our coasts, in fact, makes it an ideal destination for the summer vacations. In 2021, for example, more than 418,000 tourists came from Italy. The tourism sector turns out to be particularly developed; confirming this is the fact that about 60 percent of GDP originates from the tertiary sector. More than 10 million tourists choose Croatian cities as their vacation destination each year. But there are not a few of our compatriots who, fascinated by Croatia, decide to move there to live, attracted by the low cost of living. A culture that has many points in common with that of Italy, and the wealth of traditions, have also convinced a not inconsiderable number of retirees to choose Croatia as a destination in which to spend their last years of life. Italian companies active in Croatia or individuals may need to send goods or personal property. Europacco proves to be the perfect choice for securing fast deliveries at the best prices on the market.

Italy and Croatia: historical entanglements and commonalities

What brings Italians closer to Croatia, prompting them willingly to reach it, is the possibility of making themselves understood using the Italian language, although less widespread than English and German (known mainly for tourist reasons) it is spoken both by many natives and, of course, by our compatriots living in the country. The rather large community of Italians is a natural consequence of historical events: until World War II, many Croatian localities belonged to the Italian peninsula. If to move to Croatia it is enough to have a valid identity card, to get a job one only needs to apply for the OIB, i.e., the code that allows to permanently identify the person who presents it. After 6 years as a resident of Croatia, Italians can obtain permanent residency; with 8 years, however, citizenship can be obtained.

Croatia an EU member: faster shipments for businesses

Croatia has been a member of the European Union since 2013: a momentous step for the country, allowing residents and goods to move freely within the European territory. As of that moment, purchases and supplies to and from Croatia are no longer considered imports and exports but, intra-EU purchases or supplies. No more customs formalities, if the VAT identification code of the two taxable persons in a business-to-business relationship is recognizable. Croatia has achieved significant trade results in recent years, becoming one of the European states with the highest growth rate, the fruits of a cutting-edge industrial sector based on exports-the latter involving 95 percent of what is produced. Businesses wishing to ship products to Italy have a way to book a shipment with europacco by connecting to the home page of the official site, filling out the form there and, once they receive the waybill, printing it out and inserting it in a simple transparent plastic envelope and then sticking the latter to the package.

Italian entrepreneurs in Croatia

Italy, during 2021, turned out to be the second largest market for Croatian exports. In fact, more than 12 percent of Croatian goods arrived within our peninsula. If almost 340 Italian companies hold shares in Croatian companies, there are numerous entrepreneurs who have moved their production to Croatian soil. What has convinced several of them to take this step is the possibility of benefiting from several government incentives. These include exemption (total or partial) from income taxes, extendable up to a maximum of 10 years. Benefiting from other incentives are those entities that contribute to job creation. Tax exemptions are also granted to those who decide to give adequate training to workers. And additional opportunities are aimed at "micro-entrepreneurs."


Sending a parcel from Croatia to Italy with

Those living in Croatia can rely first and foremost on the efficiency of public services. While health care provides compulsory insurance (for workers and employers), people moving with their families can take advantage of the free education (including Croatian language classes) offered by public schools. Also appreciated is the affordability of public transportation. To send a suitcase or parcel containing gifts or personal goods to Italy, it is possible to organize in a few minutes by using the services offered by europacco. After filling out the form on the site, and indicating the pickup and delivery addresses, the procedure provided involves selecting the pickup date and paying by credit card, rechargeable card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Fast shipping from Croatia with the best couriers

By choosing europacco a company will see the goods leave Croatia and arrive safely at their destination within a few days. It is not possible, prior to shipment, to have exact information on delivery times. In fact, as well as varying by route, timelines tend to be affected by factors such as heavy traffic and extreme weather. However, estimates can be requested during the booking process via e-mail, which will allow them to make the best arrangements to accommodate the goods sent. What is certain is that the couriers used by europacco represent an international reality of proven reliability.


Shipping suitcases to Italy

A student who needs to send a suitcase containing clothes or gifts to Italy should take some small precautions when preparing the package to ensure maximum protection for the goods being shipped. When the choice falls on a hard suitcase, it would be optimal for the latter to be placed in a strong cardboard box. It is also possible to adopt additional packaging consisting of materials such as styrofoam or foam rubber to be placed between luggage and cardboard, then sealing the box with tape. Alternatively, plain packing film may be used instead of a cardboard box.

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