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General Information

Shipping from Finland to Italy

Highly evocative snowy landscapes, spectacular northern lights: Finland is this and much more and offers one of the highest qualities of life on the globe. Therefore, its territory welcomes year after year an increasing number of tourists interested in experiencing nature. Arrivals from Italy have also increased in recent years, so much so that there has been a steady increase (of about 12 percent) since the end of the first decade of the new millennium. While the Finnish people are traditionally very welcoming, what attracts visitors most of all is the opportunity to enjoy interesting activities in any season, relax in wellness centers, embark on itineraries to discover unspoiled places, and savor truly special dishes. The United Nations has called Finland the "happiest" country in the world. And those who love winter have in Lapland, an area north of Finland, the ideal destination to relive childhood dreams and memories. Italians who, won over by the Finnish ecosystem, decide to stay and live in the Nordic country may need to ship personal goods to Italy. To their aid comes europacco, a company known for its reliable and convenient parcel shipping services worldwide.

The efficiency of the Finnish economy: numerous opportunities for Italian companies

Joining the EU back in 1995, Finland represents the only one among the Nordic countries to offer the euro as currency: the single currency has come to replace the Finnish mark. Although small (home to less than 6 million inhabitants), the country has developed rapidly, and is characterized by a high GDP per capita. It is the high investment in human capital that has enabled Finland to achieve a prominent position in the world in terms of innovation and competitiveness. Driving the economy is the tertiary sector, which still accounts for a huge share of GDP (70 percent). In addition to tourism, the most positive results have been in the IT sector, telecommunications, technology, and the forest industry (where companies are engaged in forest management and the use of forest resources). Finnish exports are directed mainly to Germany, Sweden, the United States and the Netherlands.

Transport of goods

Movement of goods from Finland to Italy

Being part of the European Union, Finnish companies, or those from other countries that do business with Finland, are not required to undergo any formalities regarding the entry (and exit) of goods, having only to comply with the provisions of the Community Customs Code. Specifically, documentation to support exportation tends to vary based on three factors: value of goods, destination, and type of goods (prohibited, controlled, or specially regulated). Goods requiring reporting, for example, must be accompanied by the issuance of an SAD, while controlled or regulated goods may require export declarations, export permits, certificates and licenses. By relying on europacco, those living in Finland will not have to worry about any bureaucratic issues. Having filled out the shipment request form on, made the payment (by PayPal, credit card, prepaid card or bank transfer) and received the confirmation e-mail, the freight forwarder will take care of everything else.

Imports from Finland: convenient shipping with europacco

Italians who have long since moved to Finland have come to appreciate, of the Scandinavian country, the excellent quality of public services, the efficiency of the so-called welfare state and the possibility of benefiting from a free education system. What is conducive to its integration? The fact that English has become an official language; a choice that has favored companies from other European states that have come to Finnish territory (or have opened branches in Finland). As for bilateral trade with Italy, data for 2019 showed an increase of more than 2 percent compared to 2018: data confirmed in subsequent years. If Italy exports to Finland instrumental mechanics, metals, means of transport, electrical equipment, rubber and foodstuffs, it imports from the same country mainly cellulose (and other products from wood) and paper products. To get real-time information about a shipment coming from Finland, an Italian company can use the tracking service offered by europacco, available in the "Shipment Search" section. Entering in the provided field the reference number starting with EPC and viewable in the subject line of the order confirmation e-mail, will allow to check at any time where the shipment is located.


The agribusiness sector and Italian restaurants in Finland.

Finland's unemployment rate, compared to many other EU states, appears significantly lower (so much so that it is below 7 percent); indeed, in many cases it is labor that is lacking. The sector offering the greatest opportunities is the service sector, namely transportation, catering, health, education and social services. Also sought after are various IT-related figures, such as web designers and graphic designers. Finns, the younger generation especially, seem to be increasingly health-conscious, and this has also changed their eating habits. That is why, for the past few years, imports from Italy of products belonging to the food and agriculture sector have increased. In particular, baked goods (and pastries), wines and sausages, cheeses (mozzarella and parmesan above all), fruits and vegetables are in demand. The appreciation for Italian food and wine has prompted several local entrepreneurs to invest in Finland, leading to the opening of numerous Italian cuisine restaurants. While these businesses are used to having DOP products shipped from their place of origin, the need to request Made in Italy machinery or accessories from our peninsula often emerges. In this case, turning to europacco will minimize the delivery time, and will mean having the certainty of receiving what was ordered in perfect condition. This is thanks to the internationally renowned couriers chosen by europacco freight forwarder with the aim of guaranteeing safe transportation to its customers.


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