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General Information

Poland: tourist destination offering numerous job opportunities

A central European country bordering Belarus, Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine, Poland has its economic and cultural heart in the capital Warsaw. Other well-known cities include Krakow, Poznan and Lublin. Those who have had the opportunity to experience Poland as a tourist have certainly been able to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the natural landscapes and medieval architecture, but also the welcoming nature of the 23 national parks and numerous picturesque old villages. Visiting Poland also means enjoying sandy beaches, pristine forests, lakes and mountains, and especially if you are young, a particularly vibrant nightlife. History buffs, and students, cannot miss an exciting visit to cities such as Auschwitz and Gdańsk. The beauty of the Polish territory has convinced several Italians to leave our peninsula in favor of Poland. And those who cherish the affections left behind in Italy may accrue the desire to send a gift to friends and relatives while waiting to see them again. Making shipping fast, safe and cheap will be the europacco's services.

Polish economic growth and the Italian presence

Among the main reasons that lead young Italians to choose Poland over their homeland are job opportunities, policies aimed at favoring families, and a cost of living that is significantly lower than in Italy. An apartment for rent can range from a minimum of 200 to a maximum of 500 euros per month. Even Warsaw, while characterized by higher rents, still offers less expensive housing than the large cities of Italy. Appreciated, by those living in Poland, is the transportation network. With more than 12 civilian airports, the state has a road network capable of exceeding 400,000 km, and a rail network no less extensive. Major localities can rely on an efficient public transportation system, in some cases including subways. The largest numbers of young Italians can be found in Lubic, Siedlce, Spot and Wroclaw, "dynamic" cities distinguished by low unemployment and affordable entertainment opportunities. Speaking of low prices, those who reside in Poland - whether business or private - and are looking for an affordable option for shipping goods, merchandise or materials, have in europacco the ideal option: a company specialized in domestic and international shipping.

Most developed sectors

The economic and financial crisis that has hit the Old Continent has not "dented" the solidity of Poland, which is included in the list of EU countries in continuous growth. The public administration has shown that it knows how to make the best use of European structural funds, and recent efforts to attract international investors have been stepped up. The results achieved? The emergence of several enterprises founded on foreign capital. Standing out in the economic landscape is the ICT (Testing, Inspection and Certification services) sector, which continues to need software engineers, developers, web designers and database administrators. And companies that have invested in Poland are constantly looking for helpdesk operators who know languages, consultants, editors and financial specialists. Moving to Poland to work is like being catapulted many miles away from your family of origin. Bringing affections closer together is for many the sending (in both directions) of packages containing gifts or everyday items. By entrusting your shipment to europacco, you can select the pickup date directly when placing your order, which can be done online in just a few steps.

Transport of goods

Italian companies in Poland: shipping goods and materials with europacco

In 2021, while Polish imports increased by 23.3 percent compared to the previous year, exports also showed a considerable increase of 18.5 percent. The sectors involved include, in order of importance, trade (both wholesale and retail), transportation, hotel (and restaurant) services, and industry. Poland is also known for coal production (gas and oil assume less importance). Focusing on bilateral trade with Italy, imports to our country tend to be mainly in industrial vehicles, electrotechnical products and raw materials from the agricultural sector (primarily meat and milk). Arriving in Poland from Italy, on the other hand, are typical "Made In Italy" products (from textiles to the agri-food sector to furniture) and items from the chemical-pharmaceutical sector. On the europacco website, in addition to booking a shipment for sending packages containing food from Poland, you can read several useful tips for packing food products. Each product should be wrapped with plastic wrap, then placed in a food carrier (or an airtight plastic food container). At that point the container should be wrapped in bubble wrap and additional packing material and eventually, placed in a cardboard box. Any empty spaces will need to be filled with filler material. Once closed, the box should be sealed with packing tape.

Poland EU member: fast and cheap shipments with europacco

Job seekers can move to Polish territory without needing to apply for permits, relying only on a good command of English. Since this is an EU state, Polish imports and exports also follow what European regulations on free movement indicate. Italian companies that have chosen to move their production (or do so in part by opening new locations) to Poland, when they need to proceed with sending goods or materials to Italian customers or suppliers, can do so without being subject to customs requirements. With europacco, proceeding will be even easier. Europacco gives you the possibility to book the shipping service by simply filling out the online form viewable at Taking care of every other aspect, from pickup to delivery, will be europacco itself and the couriers it uses.


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Shipping from Poland to Italy
Shipping from Poland to Italy
Shipping from Poland to Italy


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