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General Information

Shipments from Slovakia to Italy with europacco

Slovakia, a small European state located in the east-central part of the old continent, borders the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Austria, and has a population of only 5 million. It joined the European Union in 2004 and is landlocked, but is rich in mountains, forests, lakes and important cultural-historical sites. The beautiful Bratislava, the capital, lies along the banks of the Danube, and has in the castle, placidly situated on a hilltop, the most visited attraction by tourists. Being strategically located (basically in the center of the continent), getting to major European capitals by air is quick and easy. The best-known cities include, in addition to Bratislava, Banskà, Košice, Prešov, Žilina, and Zvolen. And it is precisely from the latter cities that Italians residing there may need to send a parcel to Italy. Europacco is at their disposal by offering fast and reasonably priced pickup and delivery services.


Where do Italians reside on Slovak territory?

Several Italians have family members or friends who have long resided in Slovakia, either for study or work purposes. The destinations with the highest concentration of Italians are Bratislava, Košice and Prešov. The cost of living, as is the case with most Eastern European countries, is generally low, although some goods have prices like those in other EU states. Services are certainly cheaper, but food and consumer goods are often comparable to the rest of the countries. It may happen that as the birthday of a friend who has remained in Italy or Christmas approaches, those living on Slovak territory may wish to send a package. People looking for a forwarder who can guarantee safe shipments at a truly competitive price can rely on and book the pickup directly from the online site - an operation that will take only a few moments to complete.


Italians looking for work in Slovakia

At the end of 2020, foreigners officially residing in Slovakia amounted to just over 150000 people; a figure that showed a growth of almost 5 percent compared to the previous year. These are, first and foremost, citizens from other EU states. Italians occupy the sixth place in this ranking with 3000 admissions, preceded by Czechs, Hungarians, Romanians, Poles and Germans. The rest come from the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Serbia, Vietnam, and Russia. Arrivals to Slovakia have increased about 18-fold in the past decade. Those who have reached this state to seek new avenues in employment can count on numerous opportunities. Also aiding the search for a position is the fact that even if you do not have a command of the language, you can apply for one of the many multinational companies based in the country. Knowing English or German, and having a college degree, obviously makes it easier to find employment.

Living as "digital nomads" in Slovakia's major cities

Bratislava is characterized by the widespread presence of Wi-fi networks. It is not only pubs and restaurants that offer the opportunity to connect and work; public networks, in fact, are equally widely distributed. What's more, it does not require economic sacrifices since expenses can be shared. The capital, consequently, stands as an ideal destination for those working as digital nomads. Also in Bratislava, but also in other locations, there is a good number of coworking areas. The speed of the Internet connection, in many cases, touches 14 Mbps, making it possible to work and manage clients, but also to bank without problems.

The most in-demand jobs in Slovakia

It is the Slovak government itself that encourages staying on Slovak territory, as the demand for professionals is particularly high. Not a few engineers, for example, have joined car manufacturers (from Peugeot to KIA, VW to Jaguar). Other opportunities come from IT companies, especially in the capital and Kosice. And should such a professional find himself in the situation of having to ship a suitcase to Italy, it is a good idea to lock the latter (if any) and place it inside a carton or wrap it with plastic film.


What Italian companies import: why to entrust shipments to europacco

Italian companies used to import from their Slovak counterparty wood and paper (including derivatives), chemical products, rubber and plastic items, products from the metallurgical sector, computers and electronic and optical items, watches and electromedical equipment. Recent years have seen the emergence of new collaborations between companies in the two countries, concentrated in sectors dealing with ecological transaction, digitization and energy. Other Italian companies, instead of importing, have decided to relocate production (or part of it) precisely to Slovakia. In this case, it is common to send materials, semi-finished products and goods to be delivered to Italian buyers. Since it belongs to the European Union, if to move from Slovakia to Italy it is sufficient to be in possession of an identity card, likewise there are no customs controls for goods in transit. By entrusting the shipment to europacco, in addition to being able to count on the transportation carried out by internationally renowned couriers such as BRT, FEDEX, GLS, UPS and DPD, companies and individuals can verify the transit of the shipment through the convenient tracking service, available directly on the site.


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