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General Information

Slovenia: a beautiful jewel just a stone's throw from Italy

Bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, Slovenia is an extremely small Central and Eastern European state (it is smaller than Lombardy). There are just 2 million Slovenian residents. A true "bridgehead" for access to the Balkans, the country has its capital in Ljubljana, and is famous for its many ski resorts, easily reached from Italy. Also characterizing it are mountains and lakes, the best known of which is Lake Bled, fed by hot springs; a church and a medieval castle, perched on a cliff, stand in its surroundings.


Italians in Slovenia and parcel shipments to Italy

Other well-known Slovenian towns are Maribor, Celje, Novo mesto, Velenje, Ptuj, Kranj, and Domžale. It is Koper, in any case, the locality of choice for the Italian-speaking minority. Several citizens of our peninsula have moved over the past few years to Slovenia in search of employment, and attracted by the lower cost of living, have decided to stay. The state enjoys excellent infrastructure, and the lower population density is seen as an opportunity for the unemployed, entrepreneurs and retirees to turn their lives around. People living in Portorož or other Slovenian localities, especially those who are more connected to their families of origin, proceed with some frequency to send packages (gifts, items to return to relatives, souvenirs) to Italy. With europacco, booking the service of sending a parcel from Slovenia is done online and involves quickly filling out the prepared form.


Emigrant life on Slovenian territory

Making integration easier is the fact that in Slovenian coastal towns (in addition to Koper, Ankaran and Portorož are mentioned), Italian is the official language, so much so that a high percentage of those living there are bilingual. In addition, public offices, bars and restaurants are obliged to publish any document in both the local language and Italian. This choice is also reflected in education, with a massive presence of Italian-language elementary, middle and high schools.


Why entrust europacco with a shipment from Slovenia

Staying in Slovenia for a period not exceeding 90 days involves only tourist registration at the host facility. In fact, for the duration of the first three months there is no obligation to register residence. Beyond 90 days, however, it will be necessary to go to the competent Administrative Unit and apply for a certificate of temporary residence. Once you choose to stay in Slovenia for an extended period, the need may arise to send a suitcase or some personal items, no longer used, to Italy. By choosing europacco, once the reservation is made, the pickup of the package will take place on the first available business date or on the day chosen at the time of the order. In order to reduce timelines and ensure excellent service, europacco has chosen to cooperate with the most well-known couriers internationally.


Italian students and Slovenian universities

Italian students who intend to enroll in university programs (well-known universities are in Ljubljana, Koper, Maribor, and Nova Gorica) are faced with a system that has many points in common with the Italian one. A first course of study allows one to earn a bachelor's degree, while a second allows one to earn a "specializacija" or "magisterij". Although not Slovenian citizens, Italian students have the right to participate in scholarship competitions (awarded for merit or financial need). Likewise, aid is provided for students who must bear housing and transportation costs, for example.


What is the job market like for those from Italy?

While the world of work, on Slovenian territory, is distinguished by a rather low unemployment rate (it is around 6.5 percent), average salaries are around 1000/1500 euros per month. It is the current tax regime that favors entrepreneurship, with taxes that appear far lower than those applied in Italy. For example, flat-rate sole proprietorships are taxed at 4 percent; LLCs, for their part, are taxed at 19 percent. The activities with the highest growth rate include logistics, trucking and trade.

Sectors with the greatest prospects

Unlike most European countries, Slovenia is a more export-oriented state than an import-oriented one. The most productive sector is the automotive industry, in which more than 60 companies operate. Equally developed are the pharmaceutical industry, the wood-processing sector, the furniture industry (thanks to the presence of many forests), and the chemical industry, which is constantly expanding. The "I feel Slovenia" brand has given great impetus to the tourism sector, which is the subject of constant growth and can also provide various job opportunities for young Italians coming to the country. Given Slovenia's membership in the EU, shipping from Slovenia to Italy does not involve any special problems from a bureaucratic point of view.


Documents needed to ship from Slovenia to Italy

Since there are no customs requirements, both the pro forma invoice and the declaration of free export are not necessary. All that is required is to attach the transport document received with the order confirmation to the package to be sent to Italy. Choosing europacco as your freight forwarder means having at your disposal a partner that is not only reliable in terms of speed and security, but also a company capable of providing all the necessary information before sending a package. It will be europacco Customer Service that will indicate, upon request, any limitations regarding the goods to be shipped.


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