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General information

Shipping from Spain to Italy with europacco

Who hasn't happened to travel abroad as a tourist with the intention of returning to Italy taking some souvenirs with them? Sometimes it also happens to leave our country for reasons of study or in the hope of finding a better job. Spain is a hospitable destination, capable of offering different opportunities, especially to younger people. Many of the people who choose to stay and live in Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca or other locations have the habit of sending perfumes, liquors and typical local products to their homeland to give to relatives or friends. Others, on the other hand, while living in Italy, browse the web and find the deals on certain e-shops that ship from Spain more convenient. Entrusting shipments to europacco will only take a few seconds to estimate the cost of the service; you can then book your shipment online. Choosing europacco to send parcels (of a maximum weight of 40 kg) means benefiting from the best rates, without incurring unpleasant surprises on the final price.

How many Italians reside in Spain?

According to data collected by the Spanish government, during 2020 the number of Italians to reside in Spain exceeded 350,000; a result 5.6 percent higher than in 2019. The Italian community is quite widespread in Catalonia (more than 100,000 compatriots reside there), the Canary Islands (an island subject to customs controls) and Madrid. On the other hand, the Italian community is the fourth largest foreign community, preceded only by Romanians, Moroccans and British. In Spain, the sector characterized by the highest growth rate is that of the so-called "new technologies." Green light to computer engineers, then, joined by industrial and mechanical engineers, and people engaged in telecommunications. But there is another sector that has welcomed Italians: tourism. Those who have come to Spain with the idea of staying, the need to renew their wardrobe may lead to the decision to send one or more suitcases to Italy. This happens, for example, when one wishes to store one's clothing in anticipation of a later return to Italy. Individuals about to ship a suitcase from Spain to Italy can book a pickup directly from Spain by accessing Thanks to its long experience in this field, europacco can distinguish itself from other similar companies by the low-cost rates applied, associated with a fast and secure service.


Spanish goods imported to Italy

At the top of the list of Spanish products and goods imported to Italy are food and beverages. The most important sectors of the Iberian territory limited to exports are the manufacturing industry and, above all, the automotive sector; Spain represents the second largest producer of cars in all of Europe. Companies importing from Spain with europacco can insure the goods by filling in the "insurance value" field on the shipper's official website, indicating the purchase value of the goods. The system will automatically calculate the cost associated with the service, displaying it later in the online form. The maximum insurable value is 1,500 euros.

Free movement and restrictions: what is possible to get shipped from Spain?

It is permissible to import into Italy most goods and products sold within the European Union, thus meeting the principle of free movement of goods within the EU. There are, however, restrictions regarding certain types of products; in particular, European regulations have established specific quantitative thresholds. The first products to come within the scope of these limits are, in addition to money, alcohol and cigarettes. Other restricted products belong to the category of "perishable foodstuffs," i.e., those intended to deteriorate if kept at room temperature. In order to travel they require means in which there are cold rooms inside. Many dairy products belong to this list, as well as meat, fish, fresh pasta, frozen foods, and mushrooms (if not dried). For Italian residents who wish to have some foods enjoyed by their Italian friends by sending them by courier, europacco allows them to check where the shipment is at any time. This can be viewed by accessing the "Shipment Search" section of the site and entering the shipment reference number beginning with EPC in the space provided.

Spanish food products most valued by Italians

Those who have had the opportunity to visit Spain and attend aperitifs will most likely have been surprised by the wide range of cured meats and cheeses. As far as cured meats are concerned, standing out are Chorizo, a sausage made from coarsely minced pork, distinguished by the presence of sweet paprika or spicy paprika in the case of the spicy version. Very well-known is the Pata Negra Ibérico ham. Among cheeses, there are not a few who, back home from a vacation, decide to buy them in the e-shops of Spanish companies. Here, too, there is no shortage of options, thanks to the wide range of cheeses, many gourmets, made from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. Once you have purchased the long-life and transportable foods at room temperature, all you need to do is fill out the form on the home page of the official europacco website, give confirmation of shipment and proceed with payment. Payment can be made by credit card, prepaid card, PayPal or bank transfer. Once the operation has been carried out, the sender and payer of the shipment will be sent an order confirmation e-mail that, as an attachment, presents the waybill to be printed and attached to the shipment after being printed and placed in a transparent plastic envelope.


How to vacuum pack cold cuts, oil and wine before shipping them from Spain

Those who are planning to ship long-life foodstuffs from Spain to Italy, whether individuals or companies, are first required to comply with the relevant regulations. In the case of the cured meats and cheeses, import is allowed only if they are vacuum-packed and non-perishable. The shipper must also ensure integrity by carefully choosing the packaging. A good solution is to pack them by resorting to overpacking, achieved by using a cardboard box that is smaller in size than the package that will house the shipment. If the idea is to have tin food sent from the Iberian Peninsula, it is important to wrap each tin in bubble wrap and other packing material, separating them from each other with foam rubber. If the shipment has wine as its object, approved wine cellars (secure wine boxes) will protect it.

Our packaging tips for shipments from Spain to Italy is an online portal that offers its customers the opportunity to use a shipping service with home pickup in Spain and delivery throughout Italy.

Shipping from Spain to Italy
Shipping from Spain to Italy
Shipping from Spain to Italy


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