Send with DPD - Europacco

DPD company was founded in 1977 in Germany under the name of Deutscher Paket Dienst. The same abbreviation stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution in English. DPD is a property of Geopost, subsidiary of the French bank La Poste. The company is specialized in shipping small packages with reduced weight and dimensions. With more than 500 deposits in 40 different countries, DPD has more than 75,000 employees worldwide.

In Italy, the service is entirely managed by Bartolini. On the BRT site there are presented the characteristics of the parcels that can be sent through the DPD service. The packages can have a maximum weight of 31.50kg each and the length must not exceed 175cm. The perimeter of the smaller base of the package, added to the height must not exceed 300cm. On a daily basis, more than 2 000 000 packages are delivered worldwide via DPD.

Unlike other forwarders, DPD does not offer cash on delivery services, deliveries at mail boxes or at fairs. The service instead guarantees the shipment of suitcases at competitive prices for which many private customers turn to DPD for the transport of luggage rather than embarking the goods on air at a much higher price.

The collection and delivery take place at home and finding the suitcases in the hotel when you arrive on vacation is convenient. Especially for this reason, DPD remains one of the first preferences for private customers who decide to send small packages and suitcases for the holidays.