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FedEx is an American company founded in 1971 in Little Rock by a former student of Yale University, Frederick W. Smith. The company was the first to set up the delivery of packets through modern jets: in fact, during the first night of deliveries, the 389 employees carried well 186 packages in 25 different cities in the US using a dozen Dassault Falcon jets. In 1989, FedEx acquired the cargo airline US Flying Tiger (so coming into possession of the first such aircraft), while nine years later acquired the transport company Caliber System, Robert Express and Viking Freight and shipping company Freightways.

In 1983, Federal Express has reached turnover of $ 1 billion, becoming the first company in US history to achieve a similar result without having carried out a merger or acquisition of other companies. Two years later, he began to make the first flights into Europe.

The air fleet was completely renewed when the European company Airbus did not respect the delivery of ten A380F aircraft: the entrusted order was summarily canceled and handed over to US rival Boeing, which respected the set deadlines and delivered punctually fifteen Boeing 777F.

In 2008, FedEx was ranked seventh in Forbes magazine among the preferred employers by US employees. In 2016, FedEx acquired the TNT Expresscompetitor for 4.4 billion euro.

The reliable transport of packages with FedEx

FedEx has approximately 21,200 employees serving 127 countries and flying through 45 different airports. The starting point is located in Memphis, while the most important ports in Europe are located in Cologne / Bonn, Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and London(Stansted).

The company, which started its long history with 14 Dassault Falcon, currently owns one of the largest fleets in the world; FedEx in 2015 boasted approximately 636 aircraft, including:

  • 68 Airbus A300F
  • 15 Airbus A310-200F / -300F
  • 25 ATR 42 F
  • 20 ATR 72 F
  • 107 Boeing 757-200F
  • 29 Boeing 767-300F
  • 27 Boeing 777F
  • 243 Cessna 208B
  • 46 McDonnell Douglas MD-10
  • 56 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F

Curiosity about FedEx

The film "Cast Away", produced in 2000 and starring Tom Hanks, tells the true story of an FedEx employee shipwrecked on a small tropical island after a plane crash, living for a long period of time as a hermit.

The FedEx logo is considered as among the most accurate and have been designed in such way that between the letter E and X is outlining the contour of a white arrow, as to give the idea of movement and speed.

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