UPS - United Parcel Service

UPS (abbreviation for United Parcel Service of America) is a company operating in the global transport sector. When in the early '900 in America prevailed the need for messaging services through private couriers, the nineteen-year-old James E. Casey took the occasion and with $ 100 borrowed from a friend founded the company on 28th of August 1907 in Seattle. Initially called American Messenger Company (and only from 1919 the current name) the company managed the operations of shipments from Headquarters located in a basement, performing on demand telephone deliveries of documents and packages, using only bicycles for longer journeys. James E. Casey and his partner Claude Ryan handled for a long time in their office located in the basement.

When in 1976 was opened the first European subsidiary in Neuss, Germany, the United States UPS boasted about 80,000 employees, with daily deliveries of more than three million packages. Beginning with November 1999 the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with a net profit for the first year of 27.05 billion dollars. Over time UPS has significantly extended its services, noting about 40 companies and becoming a leader in both in the area of vehicle for the transport of goods, that in the shipping industry and customs clearance packages: all this allows the company to offer a range of services which goes far beyond transportation.

Ship packages with UPS

The distinguishing feature of UPS companies are the brown vans. The company holds different vehicles, beginning with the gray trailer trucks up to get to small scooters for express deliveries; in some urban centers are even used bicycles. In some parts of the world, there are also used real boats for the delivery of parcels, such as in Venice.

UPS currently has about 435,000 employees, of which 354,000 work in the United States and 81,000 in the rest of the world. The company's turnover in 2014 amounted to 48.8 billion dollars, with a number of deliveries of parcels and documents amounted to 4.6 billion. The volume of daily business amounted to 18 million shipments.

UPS distinctive signs

The brown color is continuously present in the UPS company and is its hallmark. However it was not always so: in the early years the company had painted his vans with very bright and flashy colors to differentiate themselves from other carriers.

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