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With you can not only organize a shipment easily, but you can also ship packages at economic prices. We organize low cost shipments to USA - United States of America. You can find the price for a shipment to USA - United States of America in the following table. You can organize a low cost package shipment entering

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Shipping to USA - United States of America with europacco

Why choose europacco for shipping to USA - United States of America? offers a customized service, if you want to send a Parcel to USA - United States of America. We offer an economical solution for every kind of consignment. Our service includes home or business address collection by an express courier and delivery in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Send your parcels to USA - United States of America: a safe, cheap and fast service brings your Parcel safely and quickly to its destination to USA - United States of America. Shipping is easy: fill out the online form, print the label and attach it to your shipment - it is now ready for collection. All this is possible without registration and thus makes fast and simple the package delivery.

Prices for shipping parcels to USA - United States of America

Parcel Price
0 - 2 kg from 41,54
2 - 5 kg from 62,84
5 - 10 kg from 94,79
10 - 20 kg from 148,04
20 - 30 kg from 211,94
30 - 40 kg from 318,44
40 - 50 kg from 424,94

Prices for shipping documents to USA - United States of America

Document Price
0 - 0.5 kg from 28,55
0.5 - 1 kg from 30,67
1 - 1.5 kg from 34,66
1.5 - 2 kg from 38,81

Shipping Time to USA - United States of America

How can I track my Parcel?

With our tracking option you can monitor your Parcel from the collection in Italy to the delivery to USA - United States of America. Enter the shipping number on our tracking page.

How much does it cost to send a Parcel to USA - United States of America?

Years of experience in the shipping sector and a high daily volume of consignments allow us to offer highly affordable prices. With you can send a Parcel starting from only €41,54 to USA - United States of America. For more detailed information please consult our price list.

How long does it take to send a Parcel to USA - United States of America?

The transit times from Italy to USA - United States of America vary from 4 to 8 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

Shipping Delays due to Holidays in USA - United States of America

As in many countries, holidays in USA - United States of America can lead to delays in parcel shipping. Below is a list of the holidays in 2024 in USA - United States of America that might affect delivery times.

  • 01.01.2024 New Year's Day
  • 15.01.2024 Martin Luther King Day
  • 19.02.2024 Presidents' Day / Washington’s Birthday
  • 27.05.2024 Memorial Day
  • 19.06.2024 Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • 04.07.2024 Independence Day
  • 02.09.2024 Labor Day
  • 14.10.2024 Columbus Day
  • 11.11.2024 Veterans Day
  • 28.11.2024 Thanksgiving
  • 29.11.2024 Day after Thanksgiving
  • 25.12.2024 Christmas Day

Specific Regulations

Shipping to the United States: the rules to follow case by case

Are you planning to ship to the United States? Before proceeding, you should carefully read the customs regulations governing the introduction of goods into the United States. This applies both to packages sent as gifts to relatives or friends and to commercial shipments. Not being up-to-date can lead to misunderstandings, such as improper packaging or missing certain documents. The consequence? The detention of the shipment at customs instead of timely delivery to the recipient, the seizure of the goods and, in rare cases, even the destruction. However, let's examine in detail what you need to prepare before deciding to send gifts, personal items and goods purchased online, to the United States.

Before we go any further, it might be useful to specify that it is not only the Federal Government that imposes taxes on shipped goods, but also individual states or even regions and cities. And, to compensate for the absence of VAT is the Sales Tax, which is bound to change depending on the state under consideration. The shipment of packages containing goods or envelopes of documents will be carried out by a specialized company like europacco, ready to offer you various tailor-made services.

How to send a gift to the USA

Packages containing gifts must follow a precise discipline. This applies to any gift, except for shipments containing foodstuffs and other products under the control of the Food and Drug Administration.

First and foremost, there are rules to be followed when packing. Each product must be packaged individually, possibly marking each package with the word "gift". This will not prevent the sender who wants it, to put inside a single box more gifts for more people. We suggest that everything is done by marking each gift with the name of the recipient and indicating the total number of gifts intended for him.

It remains valid that a single person can receive a shipment as a gift worth less than $100. In this way, the shipment benefits from the exemption of taxes and customs charges.

What is not considered a "gift"?

Generally, shipments intended for individuals and made by a company cannot be considered a "gift". However, it will be possible to use the "gift" option, remembering to write the wording "gift not requested" on the same commercial invoice. Also in this case, in order to benefit from the exemption of taxes and customs charges, the amount shown on the invoice must not exceed 100 US dollars.

In case you are in possession of special licenses to export goods such as alcoholic beverages, perfumes or other ADR products or cigars and cigarettes, you should know that these goods cannot be exempted from payment of taxes and customs duties.

Animal products, on the other hand, that can be shipped as gifts, may be subject to additional controls and to the request of special documents for customs clearance, including the authorization to import into the USA issued by the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Food shipments between private individuals

Following several episodes of bioterrorism, dating back to 2002, in the United States has been introduced a strict protocol regarding the customs clearance of shipments. The intent was to make safer the movement of:

  1. industrial food products
  2. homemade food products
  3. drugs and spices
  4. supplements (and beverages) for human or animal consumption

As previously reported, the shipment of some products, such as alcoholic beverages for example, can take place under special conditions. These conditions also apply to shipments of perishable or long-life food products for which special permits and licenses are required for customs clearance. FDA will enforce the control standards required by law, ensuring that they are met on any shipment containing even a single product listed above.

Documents and information required

Both the waybill and the commercial invoice must clearly indicate the name of the sender respectively recipient of the shipment. On the accompanying invoice is also required the wording "Personal use" next to the description of the product. In the case of goods with a value greater than US$200, a "Prior Notice" must be submitted to FDA. The procedure is applied in case of shipments containing food products sent for commercial purposes.

Homemade foodstuffs: how to send them to the USA?

When sending homemade food products, the name of the sender and receiver must be included on all customs documents. The accompanying invoice must also include the wording "Homemade - for personal use" and a description of each product. Again, a value of more than $200 will make both the Prior Notice and the FDA declaration of suitability mandatory.

E-commerce and merchandise restrictions

E-shops that have expanded their online sales in the United States must be careful when sending products that must comply with local regulations. Some goods also require a specific license for customs clearance. To keep up to date with these regulations, it is important to regularly consult the US Customs & Border Protection website. If you are an e-commerce business specializing in the sale of food or cosmetics, you should be aware that these products may be subject to specific labeling and packaging requirements. More information on this can be found on the U.S. Small Business Administration website.

Sending personal property to the United States

Personal goods include all products that are for the exclusive use of a private recipient and are not subject to commercial purposes of any kind. Even in this case, there is a limit of $200 for each shipment; shipments of goods not exceeding this amount are not subject to taxes and customs fees. There is one exception to this rule, concerning men's custom-made suits from Hong Kong. In order for a good to be considered personal in nature, the documents accompanying it during the voyage must bear the following two indications:

  1. In the waybill: presence of a truthful description of what is in the package, and the wording "personal use".
  2. In the commercial invoice: presence of the declaration of personal use.

In addition to these indications, it may also happen that certain customs authorities (to name just two of them, FCC and FDA) require additional declarations.

It should also be taken into account that personal use items brought into the U.S., except for the above-mentioned declarations, are not subject to import quotas if they have a certain economic value. The europacco team will help you in the procedure of data insertion and the correct compilation of customs documents. In a few minutes your shipment will be ready to be sent, at very convenient prices.

USA - United States of America - Further Information

USA - United States of America in general

The United States of America

Did you know that...

Send parcel to the United States

What cannot enter the United States, not even in a pack

Customs regulations in USA

In the US, shipments such as "gift" with a value of up to US $ 100.00, may be imported free of customs duties and charges. The recipient may not receive the goods with a value of more than $ 100.00 per day, in shipments of type "gift". Even on shipments of US-made goods, no duties are payable. In this case please write on the package "American Goods Returned."
Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and tobacco itself, perfumes and liquids with alcohol content with a value of more than $ 5.00 must be declared. Please note that some US states do not allow the import of alcohol. For precise information, please contact the US Customs.
Please complete the declaration of free export and the proforma invoice (or attach the original bill). On the package it should be written: "Unsolicited Gift" (gift not required, so that it appears that there is no order for the goods).
For commercial shipments in the United States please contact our customer service via e-mail to [email protected] providing accurate information in order to be able to propose you a tailor-made for you.

Customs shipments to USA - United States of America

Customs - general information

How import customs costs are calculated?

Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA
Send parcel to United States of America - USA

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