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Bulgaria, accosting to Black Sea, became independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union. A functioning postal system existed already at the end of empire Bulgarian, under Ottoman domain. The latter lasted more than 500 years. The first attempts of revolution towards independence were recorded around 1800. The independence movements in the uprising of April 1876 have been cruelly slaughtered by the Turks, which was the source of the Russian-Turkish War of 1877/78. Russian troops have dominated the fighting, reaching even to the gates of Constantinople. The war ended abruptly with the Peace of St. Stephen - the foundations were laid for the Bulgarian country. In 1879, with the help of Russia, it was implemented a post and telegraph office, which was legitimized in the same year by the Universal Postal Union. The postal Bulgarian logo refers to the emblem of the golden Bulgarian lion, who have previous flags adorned, and it stands now on the emblem of the Bulgarian navy. The lion of the items stands inside the horn of the coachman, black colored on a white background. In 1997, the Bulgarian Post have changed corporate form, becoming a spa.

Which spelling to use for Bulgarian Address?

Though Bulgaria uses the Cyrillic alphabet, an envelope or package can still be addressed with Latin letters. This of course makes sense, as the courier must understand that the package is destined in Bulgaria. This is the main reason, for which the last line of the address format includes the international name of the country. Now, do not worry, as the Bulgarian authorities certainly know the Latin letters to perfection. The Bulgarian part is indeed written in the Bulgarian version of the Cyrillic script. The Bulgarian alphabet - similar to Latin, comprises 30 letters.

If, for example, planned to allocate an expedition at Sofia University, the first university established in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian address composition is to be structured as follows:

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd 15
1504 Sofia

In comparison: the same address in Bulgarian (in Cyrillic script) looks like this:

бул. "Цар Освободител" 15
1504 София

Bulgarian ZIP code

In their ZIP system Bulgarians use a four-digit ZIP code. In the Bulgarian ZIP code (in Bulgarian: Пощенски код or abbreviated п.к.) there are no spaces or separators. The first two digits indicate the area or certain areas, the last two the town.


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