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Postal codes of Macedonia

The Macedonian postal codes consist of four digits. The first numeric character represents the distribution center, also known as post-center and the last three digits define the post office. In Macedonia, the postal code is entered before the country, such as:

Mrs. Ana Stechla
Gruev 14 °
1000 Skopje

Postal codes for Skopje and many other Macedonian ZIP codes

Here is an overview of the zip codes of the biggest cities of Macedonia. The zip codes are listed in numerical order:

  • 1000 Skopje
  • 1200 Tetovo
  • 1230 Gostivar
  • 1250 Debar

To find another zip code, please use our zip code search.

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General information on Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a landlocked country in south-east Europe. The state was founded in 1944 as the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, in 1946 became part of the Republic of Yugoslavia and declared independence in 1991. Macedonia is a typical country of emigration. The first great wave has left the country between 1912-1944. The result of the economic crisis has led to the second wave of emigration in 1970. Approximately 300,000 Macedonians emigrated to Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the aim of working as guest workers. So many of them were mostly Macedonians of Albanian origin. After the independence of Macedonia, they have also brought their families to the West.


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