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Postcode System in the United States of America

The first evidence of the delivery of a paid letter, dates back to 1639, when Richard Fairbanks has sent a letter to Massachusetts on behalf of the government agency in Boston. Already in 1672, under the British colonial administration, there was a regular postal service between New York and Boston. Even at that time it was used a stamp of one or two digits, tones that practically were the forerunners of today's postal codes. In 1840 were introduced the stamps and later, in 1961, there were established the first postal organizations.

The modern postal code system was introduced on 1 July 1963. At the time there was a five-digit code, which has been narrowed to four digits in 1983. In the USA the zip code indicates the Zones. The improvement plan is managed by the postal service of the United States, United States Postal Service. In North America, the name of the place acts as the ZIP code. In the US, there are about 30,000 post offices, each of which has its own code. The postal codes begin on the east coast and reaches the West, increasing more and more digits. Thus, for example, Agawam, Massachusetts has the lowest numerical code: 99950, while in that Alaska postal code increases by 4 digits.

The system in USA

The American ZIP code consists of nine digits. The first three digits describe the routing zone (routing) or the center of processing and distribution and the next two numbers define the post office. The two numbers that follow represent the sector and the last two digits are for the segment. Between the fifth and sixth digit it is always a hyphen. The addition of the fourth digit met many difficulty so since today there is no more longer necessary. For a correct notation: top of the line of the Postal Code is the city, followed by the state. Then they are left two spaces before the ZIP code is written, such as

Springfield VA 22162-1010
United States

Important ZIP codes in the United States

Do you need the postal code of New York? In Manhattan the Zip Codes range from 10001 to 10282, 11201 to 11262 in Brooklyn, Queens 11001 to 11697, from 10451 to 10475 in the Bronx, and Staten Island between 10301 and 10314. The postcode of Los Angeles, are as follows: 90001 -90068, 90070 to 90084, 90086 to 90089, 90091, 90093 to 90097, 90099, 90101-90103, 90174, 90185 and 90189. San Francisco has the following zip codes 94101 to 94112, 94114 to 94147, 94150 to 94170, 94172, 94175 and 94177. At Boston the postal codes varies from 02101 to 02117, while for Seattle there are between 98101 and 98199.

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