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Who needs to send parcels from Germany to Italy?

Among the most important trading partners of our country, Germany certainly constitutes one of the main ones. The German territory, in particular, has long become one of the most important markets for Italian companies, and this taking into consideration both imports and exports. This has been happening for quite some time now, considering that already a decade ago the value of imports from Germany was over 113 billion euros. More recent data, for 2019, show 69.6 billion euros for imports from the German state (compared to about 58 billion under exports). What is imported? Mostly goods from the pharmaceutical chemical sector, automotive, machinery, electrical engineering and electronics.
On the other hand, Germany is recognized as the most important European economy. Two factors in particular have helped it achieve this position: the central position it has assumed in the European Union and a particularly advanced infrastructure system.

Shipments from private individuals

It should also be mentioned how many Italians reside in Germany, accustomed not only to receiving food and other items from their family members who have remained in Italy, but also to sending them food and goods purchased there where they reside. Individuals normally send clothing, electronic and household goods, books, discs and documents. Even a business trip to Italy, or a vacation of several days, often involves sending suitcases and equipment. This is why many packages leave Germany every day to arrive in Italy. What should anyone do if they are looking for a reliable shipping service to send goods from Berlin, Dortmund, Cologne or other German cities, but are not willing to waste excessive time in finding the cheapest option? Europacco may be the ideal solution. Its extensive network of couriers ensures that your parcels are transported safely, regardless of their contents. Booking your shipment is very simple: fill out the online form, print the waybill you receive, and stand by for the carrier to pass by on the scheduled pickup day.

General Information

Why rely on a courier to ship a suitcase from a German location.

Packing a suitcase in preparation for a trip is a real hassle for many people. But even more "unpleasant" is having to carry it with you all the time between airports and train stations. When the luggage is heavy or bulky, carrying it can become a real ordeal. Having it shipped is the best way not to struggle and finding it directly at your destination could be very convenient. Those thinking about the expense of having the service provided should take into account that this way they will not risk losing their suitcase at the airport or forgetting it in some cab. Another advantage, for those moving by air, is not having to compromise on the number and size of suitcases to be loaded into the hold. Europacco allows in this respect to ship from Germany to Italy parcels up to a maximum of 40kg.

How long does it take for a package to arrive in Italy?

Delivery times always vary depending on the distance between the sender's city and the recipient's city. Moreover, Germany is a state characterized by a large territory. The distance between Munich, in the south of the country, and Hannover positioned in the northern part, is about 630 kilometers. Shipping from two cities so far apart in Italy can in fact result in very different delivery times. The couriers with whom europacco collaborates have a great deal of experience in international deliveries, and this allows the parcels to arrive as quickly as possible at the given address.

How to track a parcel from Germany

For most goods sent from Germany to Italy, given the short distance between the two nations, transportation takes place overland. It can be useful, especially when dealing with goods of a certain value, to know in real time the whereabouts of the package shipped at any given time. Those who choose europacco will be able to receive information dating back to the tracking directly through the tracking service viewable on the site.

Customs taxes and VAT

Since this is an EU country, transporting goods from Germany to Italy does not involve any customs clearance or payment of customs duties. Companies importing, however, when ordering from a German partner must consider the costs associated with VAT. As non-importers, they are subject to German VAT, which is 19 percent (or 7 percent in the case of food).


What goods can be shipped from Germany

It is up to the Italian importer to make sure that the goods ordered meet the criteria set by current regulations. He will also have to check that the import of the same is legal in our country. It is not certain, in fact, that goods considered legal in other states are also legal in the Italian peninsula. Attention should be paid, in particular, to foodstuffs and goods falling under the category of dangerous goods. The most suitable solution, when dealing with the latter, is to ask for packing suggestions directly from the company that will handle the transport from Germany to Italy. You can contact the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for more certainty about the relevant rules. The europacco website, on the other hand, has advice on packing goods such as food or wine, for example.

Importing food and alcohol from Germany

Any goods or products for sale in stores in European Union countries can be purchased and imported into Italy by specialized and licensed firms, without being subject to customs clearance since they can circulate freely throughout the entire territory of the Union. There are, however, restrictions established by European regulations that apply to certain categories of products. The latter, specifically, have established certain quantitative thresholds depending on the product shipped. With regard to tobacco, import from most EU states must be limited to 800 cigarettes, 200 cigars and 1 kg of smoking tobacco. With reference to spirits, no more than 10 liters of beverages with alcohol content above 22°, 20 liters for lower alcohol content, 60 liters of sparkling wine, 90 liters of wine and 110 liters of beer can be imported from Germany and other EU countries. If alcohol and cigarettes are the goods that are moved most within the European Union, the import into Italy of meat and dairy products for personal consumption is very common. In this case, as with goods such as fruits, vegetables and flowers, in order for them to be imported, breeding and growing must have taken place in the EU. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the products are not affected by disease or infested with pests.

Shipping from Germany to Italy
Shipping from Germany to Italy
Shipping from Germany to Italy


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