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With you can not only organize a shipment easily, but you can also ship packages at economic prices. We organize low cost shipments to Colombia. You can find the price for a shipment to Colombia in the following table. You can organize a low cost package shipment entering

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Thanks to our extensive transport network, we are able to guarantee an optimal balance in terms of quality/price. By choosing for a parcel shipments you will have:

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Why europacco? offers a customized service, if you want to send a Parcel to Colombia. We offer an economical solution for every kind of consignment. Our service includes home or business address collection by an express courier and delivery in more than 210 countries worldwide.

Send a Parcel safe, reliable and fast brings your Parcel safely and quickly to its destination to Colombia. Shipping is easy: fill out the online form, print the label and attach it to your shipment – it is now ready for collection. All this is possible without registration and thus makes fast and simple the package delivery.

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How can I track my Parcel?

With our tracking option you can monitor your Parcel from the collection in Italy to the delivery to Colombia. Enter the shipping number on our tracking page.

How much does it cost to send a Parcel to Colombia?

Years of experience in the shipping sector and a high daily volume of consignments allow us to offer highly affordable prices. With you can send a Parcel starting from only €67,88 to Colombia. For more detailed information please consult our price list.

How long does it take to send a Parcel to Colombia?

The transit times from Italy to Colombia vary from 8 to 11 working days. Transit times are calculated in working days and depend on the starting location and the packet arrival area.

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The treasures of Colombia

While Colombia was once popular mainly due to its underground riches, the important economic branches have in the meantime changed from the mining industry to agriculture. Today, coffee and cut flowers are the most important export products of the Latin American country, an economy that is part of the largest economies in all of South America. With reference to the production of cut flowers, Colombia occupies the second place in the world, for the production of carnations even the first place. Other goods exported are still precious stones such as emerald or even rare timber, bananas and potatoes. However, a large part of the Colombian economy is connected to the production of illegal drugs, which leaves the power of drug cartels to flourish.

Alongside Colombian history and its current political relations, even the determination of a correct format of address turns out to be complicated. On how an address should be structured or if and when the CAP is to be used there are ongoing online disputes. In countries like Colombia, more information is provided, better is. If a zip code exists, then it is advisable to insert it. The correct Colombian address model consists of four to five lines. Above all the second line of the address is to be kept in mind, as it contains a plurality of information:

  1. Name of the recipient
  2. Type of road + house number + "#" + number of the road that crosses + "-" + number of meters to the intersection + ("," + name of the town)
  3. (Name of the town) + (Postal code)
  4. Abbreviation of the Department

A correct address in Colombia is therefore composed as follows:

Mario Rossi
Cra. 7 # 28 - 66
Bogota D.C.

Special features:

  1. The name of the place can be inserted, divided by a comma, in the second row or alternatively at the beginning of the third row
  2. The symbol "#" can also be substituted by the abbreviation "N °"
  3. In Colombia the street names are omitted. Alternatively, five different names are used to describe the type of road: "Cra.", "Cl.", "Diag.", "Trv." or "Cq."

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Send parcel to Colombia

Customs regulations in Colombia

For private consignments you have to fill out two documents: the export customs clearance form and an invoice or pro-forma invoice. will send these forms to you by e-mail.
For commercial shipments please contact the customer service at

Customs shipments to Colombia

Customs – general information

How import customs costs are calculated?

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