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Postal Codes of Argentina

Thus recites the electoral motto of Argentina. República Argentina is a South American country bordering Bolivia, ParaguayBrazil and Uruguay. The name of the village comes from the Spanish word for silver, "argentum", and dates back to the colonial period when the Spaniards invaded Argentina in search of underground riches. Until 1816 Argentina was reigned by the Spanish crown and became independent only after unrest inspired by the French Revolution. At the turn of the 19th century many European immigrants emigrated to South America and Argentina. Also Juan Domingo Perón left his mark, who rose to power in 1940, became a national hero of the working class and shortly after being dropped in 1945, thanks to mass demonstrations, was again set up as authoritarian president. Only in 1983 did the country return to democracy. In general, the country is subdivided into four regions. Fundamental is also the distribution in provinces, 23 in total, plus the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, which has a provincial constitution, a government and a parliament itself. Regarding the administration, the provinces are subdivided into so-called Departamentos. Exception also in this case is the capital Buenos Aires, which is differently distributed in Partidos.

The Argentinean Post - so many businesses, a service

On the one hand, the postal system in Argentina has been privatized, on the other hand, the conditions of the concession have not been met, so that the postal service is split over several companies. The largest company is the Correa Argentino, which was the state postal service. The major competitors are smaller companies such as OCA or Adreani.

Alphanumeric code

Until 1998 Argentina used a system with a four-digit postcode, where the first digit referred to the region. Now this system should be replaced by a new scheme, an alphanumeric code. Código Postal Argentino (abbreviated CPA), so called the new ZIP code in Argentina, have largely integrated the four-digit old code, adding additional information. Only locations with less than 500 inhabitants have been assigned a single ZIP code. In the new ZIP code system, a three-part scheme has been developed, which is composed as follows:

  1. The beginning is a letter, which is for the province respectively for the district of Buenos Aires ("C" for Buenos Aires capital or "X" for the province of Córdoba)
  2. There are four digits, which originate in the four-digit old postcode. They indicate cities, localities, or urban areas, to which the recipient's address belongs (1xxx stands for the capital Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires, 2xxx for the Santa Fe province).
  3. The final part is made up of a three-digit alphabetic code, which indicates the road.

Argentina's ZIP code and their use

Until now, the new ZIP code system has failed to establish itself completely. It is still customary to ship a package with the old four-digit code. If you are using the new CPA, then it is recommended to type it in a separate line under the street name and above the location. Attention: Code letters must be written in block text only. Individual parts are not separated by commas or spaces.


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